1.Do you sell mailing lists?
2.Can you put your permit on our preprinted pieces?
3.What do you mean by partial services?
4.Do you do database management?
5.Do you do custom work?
6.Do you address glossy cards?
7.What is standard stock?
8.What are standard inks?
9.Can you bill us for postage?
10.What is a mail permit and do I need one?
11.Can you work with what we have designed?
12.What formats do you accept for mailing lists?
13.How fast can I get a quote?
14.What are broker services?
15.Do you have minimums?

Do you sell mailing lists:
Yes. Just let us know what criteria you want. We can do just about any type of
demographics searches, radius searches and zip code searches without any cost to you. Allow additional time for highly specialized list counts. Upon your decision you can then purchase the list. We can supply the list to you electronically or you can purchase preprinted labels. Having us directly imprint the address on your mail piece is the most cost effective manner.

Can you put your permit on our preprinted pieces?
Yes. We can put your permit or ours on any piece you might already have printed, but we do suggest that the permit imprinting is planned during the design and printing stage of the project from the start to save on additional permit imprinting costs.

What do you mean by partial services?
We can do any part of your project for you. We are available even if you only need us for 1 or 2 phases of you mailing projects such as inserting or addressing.

Do you do database management?
No. Our resources are concentrated on producing you mailing.

Do you do custom work?
Yes. All of our projects from design, purchasing addresses, printing of various envelopes are actually custom work. Each job is tailored to each mailing. All jobs are quoted on an individual basis. We can produce what we call shells, or generic printed page(s) that we can customize for assorted offices, etc. with variable data via mail merge and laser printing.

Do you address glossy cards?
We can address glossy cards, but in some cases highly glossy cards may require labeling so barcodes in address blocks don't smear and to ensure that mailing passes Merlin requirements at the post office.

What is standard stock?
Envelope stock for #10 business envelopes is 20# white envelope stock. For 6" x 9" and 9" x 12" open side catalog envelopes it is 24# white bond. Postcard stock is white light weight card stock. Flyer stock is white medium weight 24# or 60# bond. All of our basic pricing is done from standard stocks and standard ink colors. Custom quotes are available, please allow extra time for mailing quotes that are not considered basic.

What are standard inks?
Standard ink colors are included at no additional cost, these include: black, reflex or process blue, warm or jersey red, ivy mint (medium green), brown, burgundy, teal, orange and purple. Custom colors are quoted separately and please allow extra time to order custom (pms) inks and know that the printing portion of you mailing will cost more with custom color inks.

Can you bill us for postage?
Unfortunately, we cannot. The post office does not give any terms. They request payment when we present the mail at the post office. So even if you are on credit terms for the rest of the mail project, i.e. print or mail prep services, the postage amount is required when we take the mail to the post office.

What is a mail permit and do I need one?
Permit imprint is the most popular and convenient way to pay for postage, especially for high volume mailings. Instead of using pre-canceled stamps or a postage meter, the mailer imprint is printed in the upper right area of the address block area on the mail piece. We have First Class and Bulk (Standard) Mail permits which are availalble for customers to use when we do the mail preparation for profit and non profit mailings. If you are supplying preprinted pieces, contact us for the mailing permit information needed to be printed on your mail piece before producing your mail piece to save on imprinting costs after the print run is done. If we have to imprint the mail permit on your supplied material charges will apply. We offer delivery to Metro Detroit Post Offices for customers using their own permit (delivery charges apply to all metro area post offices except when using our permit on mailings of 2500 pieces or more). Our permits are from the main Downtown Detroit Post Office which is a BMEU facility.

Can you work with what we have designed?
Yes, If your graphics are prepared with applications we support. PDF files are always preferred. These applications are (PC and Macintosh formats): Adobe Indesign CS2, Adobe Illustrator CS2, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Pagemaker 6.5 and 7.0, Illustrator 9.0, Adobe Photoshop 7,0, Microsoft Office 2000 and 2004, including Word, Excel and Publisher. Please call if you have any questions concerning print preparation with these programs. We can fax you over a page with requirements for the print preparation we prefer. IF you are planning to send artwork to us via email please refer to the email instructions on our Contact Us page.

What formats do you accept for mailing lists?
We can import database files via: email, disk, USB storage disk (flash drive), zip disks or C.D. The formats we accept are: delimited or fixed with text files (ending with .txt, .csv, .tab, .asc, .prn), Microsoft Excel Workbooks saved as (.csv or ending with .xls), and dBase files (.dbf). These are pretty standard in the industry, however we also have sources to transfer files that are not in these formats. This service is quoted on a per job basis as needed. If you are planning to send us mailing lists via email please refer to the email instructions on our Contact Us page.

How fast can I get a quote?
Depending on your criteria, we usually quote within 24 hours or immediately when you call. Custom and full color printing and specialized lists may take a few days, but basic services and lists are quoted quickly.

What are broker services?
We offer the mailing services to other printers, mail houses, advertising agencies, and companies that are related to our industry and that are reselling these services and broker work or outsource work either all or in part to companies in related circles of service. These services are priced at a wholesale level and receive brokers discounts. These companies are always welcome and get a fast quote from us. They should be assured that everything possible will be done to insure their privacy and that all work goes out within their deadlines and that their client will not be contacted by us in any manner without their permission and only on their behalf.

Do you have minimums?
Yes. On address lists that need to be purchased we have a 3000 piece minimum and on mailing services we have a 500 piece minimum. Address lists that do not meet a 3000 count minimum will be charged for that amount whether or not you custom count is within the minimum.
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Classic Printing & Graphics
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