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We currently offer wholesale services and pricing to businesses that broker or job out mail preparation services. All work done for brokers, printers or other mail houses is kept confidential. We will in no way contact your customers without your express permission and only on your behalf when requested to do so. If you want us to purchase an address list for your client the discount is 25% on volumes from 2500 to 10,000 addresses. Volume and frequency discounts will apply on all mail prep services when qualifying of either mailings of more than 10,000 pieces (volume discount) or 4 mailings per year using identical mailing lists (frequency discount).

Discounts are offered  on set up fees for addressing, which include importing customer supplied address lists, CASS certification of address lists, sorting mail for maximum postal discounts, printing tray labels, and postal paperwork.

All these steps must match how the mail is prepared in order for the mail to be handled efficiently when it is taken to the USPS. We subscribe to ongoing CASS certification to ensure that the mail preparation is current and postal paperwork is accepted. Also we can just cass certify, dedupe and NCOA your lists for you.

Discounts for inkjet addressing the mail piece with barcodes, labeling, collating, sealing, pre-stuffed envelopes, inserting, tabbing, folding and cutting are 25% with volume discounts also applicable on mailings over 10,000 pieces.

We like to suggest a minimum of 2500 piece mailings, but ongoing projects can be done with smaller quantities. Often customer lists are less than 2500 pieces so we do accept those projects, but delivery charges to the post office will apply on all mailings of less than 2500 pieces.

On printing of standard #10 white window and non window envelopes, the discount is 15%. Other various size envelope printing quotes available upon request. A 15% discount is also available on standard offset printing projects done in house. You can supply some of the mailing printed and some can be printed. Whatever it takes to get your project done. We are here for you!

Most brokers supply us with preprinted materials and we usually just process the mail preparation. All jobs can be quoted as needed. Estimated postage amounts are given based on information you provide us with. Actual postage amounts are given after we process the customer supplied list with our mailing systems. Volume and frequency discounts apply when customer does four 10,000 or more piece mailings annually from same customer list. High volume discounts are an additional 10% from volume and/or frequency discount total on mail preparation services.

Mail Prep: 400.00
Less 10% volume -40.00
Subtotal 360.00
Less 10% high volume - 36.00
Mail prep total - 324.00

We are always concerned with your deadlines and we continue to make your deadlines our top priority. In estimating turnaround time we like to say 5-7 business days, but if you need it sooner all you have to do is notify us when it needs to be dropped at the post office and we will do the rest.

If terms have been established with us on mail prep services, we will notify you a.s.a.p. after we have received a mail list of postage amounts needed in order to take the mail to the post office.

Although most of our discounts to brokers are 25%, what you charge your customer is your business since we bill you and you bill your customer directly. Special situations can be handled where we bill the customer upon your request, but that is usually kept to a minimum. We prefer to work with you.

We do quoting daily and under most circumstances you can receive a quote the same day or within 24 hours. Please notify us by phone if you are sending any jobs or address lists over so we can coordinate everything. A heads up on jobs coming our way is also appreciated and will ensure a smooth mailing process. We can schedule time slots to make your job easier if you estimate in advance when the job will possibly arrive. We appreciate any opportunity to serve you in any capacity and understand the importance of each job that you send us.
Donna Stewart
Classic Printing & Graphics
Ph: 313-554-2722
10460 West Jefferson
River Rouge, MI 48218


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